What can we do? We can start by guarding our own language. When our day at the beach is canceled because of rain and we end up staying home, how often do we say, “I was so depressed”? Depression is more than simply a disappointment or a day in a funk. When we use that terminology to describe the daily ups and downs, the disappointment and aggravations, we unwittingly minimize true depression.

When we see that a loved one is feeling depressed, seems unable to get up in the morning, unwilling to go out, how do we respond? How often do we simply encourage our friend to “cheer up”, “treat yourself to a shopping spree”, “go out to eat”? Or we point out “you have so much to be grateful for”, “so many people have it so much worse”. These well-meaning statements imply that depression is something that can be overcome simply by a change in attitude, by a force of will, by determination.

This encouragement - while well-meaning - fails to recognize that depression is an illness and unwittingly blames the sufferer. If only she tried harder, if only he made the effort, the depression would disappear. We do not expect the diabetic to cure herself, the person with epilepsy to force the seizures to stop, and we should not assume that depression can simply be lifted with effort.


Rabbi Betsy Torop

This was my rabbi’s sermon last Friday at Shabbat services.  It’s finally gone up on our temple’s website, and it is awesome.  I was literally in tears.

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Don’t ask yourself, “Is this normal?” Instead, ask yourself:

Is this healthy?

Is this good for me?

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when will people realize that mental illnesses don’t fucking discriminate? 

eating disorders are not feminine

depression is not a “white” disease

ptsd does not limit to soldiers

you don’t have to be straight, white, and feminine to be mentally ill. your sexuality, gender, race, and history should not be liable to define your mental state. if you’re sick, you’re fucking sick and you shouldn’t base your susceptibility on who you are.

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Measuring Tape Mantra (Sticker)
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For that anon who believes no one talks about avoidant personality disorder! Look at this! Avoidantcoyote! Adorable!!!




For that anon who believes no one talks about avoidant personality disorder! Look at this! Avoidantcoyote! Adorable!!!

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To The Followers


To the followers who are scared to be who they are;

I’m like you

To the followers who can’t pick up the phone when it rings cuz of the terror it brings;

I’m like you

To the followers who cry themselves to sleep at night;

I’m like you

To the followers who just can’t get that evil voice out of their head that day after day tells them they are good enough…

skinny enough…

smart enough…

athletic enough…

perfect enough…

I’m like you

To the followers who freeze in fear when they think someone has seen the scars on their arms, hips, or legs;

I’m like you

To the followers that listen to music so loud it hurts their head just to drown out the anxiety that is eating away at them;

I’m like you

To the followers who don’t understand mental illness;

I’m like you

To the followers who understand it too well;

I’m like you

And the the followers who are working so hard to get better…

I love you

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your life is worth living even if you’re “not doing anything”

your life is worth living even if you are “letting life pass you by”

your life is worth living even if you stay in bed all day every day watching netflix

you don’t have to be big, beloved, important, beautiful, wealthy or famous

there is dignity in just being

it is ok to be

you merely have to be

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Six MG/YA novels featuring protagonists with depression:

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
This Is Not a Test
by Courtney Summers
Lovely, Dark and Deep by Amy McNamara
Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

We have not yet reviewed any of these at Disability in Kidlit—though our contributors have given a thumbs-up to the portrayal of depression in both Lovely, Dark and Deep and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. If you’ve read any of these, please share your thoughts!

Want more Disability in Kidlit booklists?
Want to review one of these titles for us?

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Template for Preferred Name/Pronouns Letter to Teachers:


Dear Professor [name],

My name is [Preferred name], and I will be attending your course [blank] on [days] at [time] this [term]. I am transgender and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster is my legal name, [Legal name]. I would greatly appreciate it if you refer to me as [Preferred name] and use [pronouns] when referring to me. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to starting your course next week.


~[Preferred name]

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