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Mental illness does not make you any less of a human being.

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Remember kids, a selfie a day keeps the negative body image away.

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Don’t hate former versions of yourself


So, I see this kind of thing a lot:

  • Wow, I can’t believe I used to like that
  • I was such a loser when I was 13
  • What was WRONG with me
  • I just found some of my writing from the 90s. How embarrassing. 

And here’s what I always want to say when people say things like that: You didn’t suck then. Your old writing is nothing to be ashamed of. Your youth is nothing to be ashamed of.

You were a person, and you were younger and knew less than you do now. That’s a good thing. It means you’re still learning.

But your younger self was worthy. Good. Deserves respect. And so do other young people who are similarly young and inexperienced, and who similarly have a lot to learn.

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The Benefits of Mindfulness 


1. It helps us to let go of the tiredness, stress and negativity that clutters up our mind. That then frees us to be still, and get in touch with our true self.

2. It helps us get in touch with our feelings and emotions - so we’re able to respond, and not simply react.

3. It helps us get in…

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"Choosing to recover isn’t a one time decision.
It’s a choice I make every day.
It’s the choice I make to get out of bed
It’s the choice I make to clean my room
It’s the choice I make to be positive
It’s the choice I make to try and control what controls me.
It’s the choice to be healthy,
the choice to be happy
the choice to be free."

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